Social media marketing is a crucial factor for online businesses. It helps online businesses to grow and reach the targeted audience that converts, but one can not spend much time on social media.

Tailwind Create is a social media scheduling tool for Instagram and Pinterest. We can easily schedule the post, monitor the performance, discover new content using Tailwind Create. All these features are beneficial for online businesses to grow and also will increase social media traffic.

If you use the Tailwind Create tool, we will have to invest less effort in social media marketing to benefit.

In this tutorial, I will tell you how to use the Tailwind Create tool to grow our online businesses.

Getting started

First, you will have to create a Tailwind Create account. For this, you can sign up using Instagram or Pinterest.

Go to the official Tailwind Create site and click on any signup option which you like.

After that, you will have to allow access to Tailwind Create for using your account. You can refer to the below screenshot taken while sign up using Instagram.

Once you authorize your account, you will be redirected to the Tailwind Create dashboard, where you will see the connected account you have used for sign up.

Connect Instagram or Pinterest accounts

If you want to connect more Instagram or Pinterest accounts, then you can add them. To do so, navigate to Setting » Accounts.

Click on the Add New Account, or if you haven’t added the Pinterest account, you will get a direct option to connect with Pinterest or vice versa.

Once you click on the Add New Account, you will have to choose the account and Authorize it.

Once you added the Instagram and Pinterest accounts, then we can schedule the posts, pins.

Pinterest Publish Content

When you connect your Pinterest account, its time to publish or schedule the pins, it is very easy to schedule pibs using Tailwind Create.

Navigate to Publisher tab from Tailwind Create dashboard. Refer to the below screenshot.

  • You can create a new pin and upload your image, or even you can choose a pin from Instagram.
  • You can add boards for the pin.
  • Write a suitable description for your pin.
  • You can cross-post pin to Facebook, Twitter.
  • Schedule the pin for a suitable time, or you can publish it in real-time.

Pinterest Smart Loop

The Smart Loop is a handy tool for Pinterest by Tailwind Create. We can easily reshare the best pins at the best time automatically.

To create the smart loop, you will have to navigate to the smart loop from the publisher tab.

Click on the Create My First Loop. You will get two options Evergreen and Seasonal.

  • Evergreen- This smart loop will continuously reschedule your pins that are performing excellently.
  • Seasonal- This smart loop will reschedule pins between your selected period.

You can choose the smart loop as per your requirement. For this tutorial, I have chosen the seasonal smart loop. Refer to the below screenshot.

You will have to choose the board names and choose the period you want to schedule the Pinterest pins.

Click on Next and add your pins which you want to loop for a specified period.

That’s it. Your pins will automatically publish at the specified time interval. Like this, you can reschedule the evergreen pins as well.

Pinterest Tribes

Tailwind Tribes is an excellent tool for connecting to the people from your niche. You can get the targeted audience for your content and easily find relevant high-quality pins.

If you want to start with Tailwind Tribes, navigate to the Tribes section and click on the get started with Tribes.

Choose the topics from your niche, and Tribe will find the best suitable Tribes for your niche.

Instagram Publish content

For publishing and scheduling the Instagram post, you will have to navigate to the publisher tab.

You can upload your photo or the best feature of Tailwind Create is you can choose the free stock image from there itself. Once you upload the photo, then you will be redirected to the scheduling screen.

Tailwind creates many features to publish or schedule your content on Instagram. You can manage all your Instagram stuff from the Tailwind dashboard itself. Below is some feature that is useful for publishing the post.

  • You can add the caption to your photo.
  • You can use recent hashtags. Also, you will get suggestions for better hashtags like Good, Best, Niche, Competitive.
  • You will also get the draft guide by Tailwind to improve your post reach.
  • You can add the clickable link to your Instagram post.
  • Cross-posting to Pinterest and Facebook page.
  • Scheduling your post at a suitable time.
  • Add multiple images. Use saved Hashtags, use location, etc.

Once you are done with all setup, you can schedule the post or directly publish it. You can manage all you scheduled post from your grid. You can update the time or delete the schedule to post before publishing.


You can monitor the performance of your post in the Insights tab. You will get all reporting of the published posts.

You can manage Instagram followers, likes, comments, etc., from Insights. In addition, Tailwind create provides more stats about Reaction score, Engagement score, and Engagement rate. Let’s see the meaning of these terms.

Reaction Score

Reaction score= Total Engagement / Total posts

Reaction score means how much your posts are being liked or commented on across your profile.

Engagement score

Engagement score= Total Engagement / Total posts/ (1000 followers)

The engagement score is the Audience’s engagements with your post, how much interaction your posts are receiving.

Engagement Rate

Engagement rate is how many of your posts have at least one like or comment, and it is measured by % if all your post has at least one like or comment then the Engagement rate would be 100%.

It is not possible to include the link to Instagram posts, but you can add the link in the bio section of Instagram.

Tailwind create has a unique tool,, by adding the clickable link to your post while publishing.

The provides us with the unique link which takes you to Instagram like a page where all your links with posts are visible. Check out my link.

When the post goes live, the link will be visible on the page. We don’t have to add the link explicitly for each post. The Tailwind provides us with an option to add the link for each post.

You can add the fully customizable, custom title, clean page design, and button link colours that can be changed to any colour you choose.

You can access the tool from the Tailwind dashboard, check out the below screenshot.

Button Links

You can add the button link to your Instagram post by using the Here is the gif image which will describe how we can add the button link.

Instagram Posts Links

You can add the link to old published posts by using, check out the below gif image.

Tailwind Create Features

Instagram Features

  • Post Scheduling
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Hashtag Monitoring, Hashtag Suggestions, etc
  • Content Management
  • Comments, Likes Monitoring

Pinterest Features

  • Pin Scheduling
  • Tribes
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Content Management
  • Content Optimization and recommendation
  • Resharing Seasonal Content

Final words

Tailwind create is all in one solution for social media marketing. If you want to promote your content on Instagram and Pinterest, then Tailwind is the best choice. You can automate all your posts, pins to be consistent on social media platforms. In addition, you can monitor the traffic and improve where you are lacking.

I am using Tailwind create for scheduling my Instagram posts. Why are you waiting? Create your free account with Tailwind.

Affiliate Disclosure: “This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you choose to click through and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you.” You can read more about affiliate disclosure.


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