Things to be remembered before buying domain name

Do's & Don't while buying domain name

I remember when I bought my first domain name from GoDaddy in 2014. At that time, I was thinking to create a blog which will provide all blogging-related content. I continued with my first domain name for one year. I didn’t get success in blogging, which I had expected. Also because of my busy schedule, I have decided to quit my blogging.

During the free time, I have read the tons of articles about blogging, SEO, WordPress. This reading helped me a lot when I started another blog with the new fresh domain name.

I have implemented all the tips which I read all the favorite blogs which make my blog better. In this period of knowledge gaining, I came to know that domain name plays a very crucial role in Blogging. The domain name is an identity for your business, so I would recommend all the beginner bloggers, think twice while choosing a domain name for your blog.

After one year, I have decided to buy a simple, decent, unique domain name which I purchased from GoDaddy (ScrollBucks) It took one day to set up my new domain name with Google Analytics, Search Console, and other blogging tools.

Here I am telling you a few things you must keep in mind while selecting the domain name.

Keep it Simple

Choose a single domain name which is easy to remember and unique. You should avoid to buy domain name including numbers, double letters, complicate to pronounce, etc. I recommend you to purchase the shorter domain name. People will directly search in URL if they want to redirect to your blog instead of searching it on google.

Domain Name Suggestion Tools

It’s the very complicated thing to choose a domain name. Some bloggers know the category from which they want to select a domain name, but they fail to find out an appropriate name. I recommend such newbie bloggers to use domain name suggestion tools it will suggest your name.

Here are some great name suggestion tools, Domain box, Name tumbler, BustAName. It will not provide you exact name which you want, but it will certainly reduce the pain to find a unique word related to your niche.


One myth is that dot-com domain extension rule the web because it is widely used on the internet, it’s wrong everything matters is the content of your blog. The meaning of domain name extensions varies like dot com represent commercial, dot net represents a network, dot org represent the organization, etc. You can select any extension for your blog but make sure that it will suit your brand, profession, business. Once again, remember one thing extension doesn’t affect your blog; it’s just about the content which you write on your blog.

AdSense Sandbox

This is a valuable tool for bloggers who want to make money online through AdSense. There might be a chance that your domain name which you are going to buy is banned by Google AdSense because of previous owners break the policy of it. So, you can check it quickly by visiting Google sandbox, only put your domain name and the country it will show you all types of ads that you can put on your blog. If it fails to show ads, then it means that Google AdSense bans domain name.

Background Verification

Before buying a domain name, you should check for reseller information, take feedback from a customer who has purchased the domain name from the same reseller. There might be a possibility that reseller is fraud, selling domain name which already sold by another dealer beware of such scam. I recommend you to buy a domain name from GoDaddy. If you are going to WordPress, then you will get a free domain name while purchasing web hosting.

Name Of Company

It’s good practice to select your business name as a domain name. If the readers want to search for your business name, then they can quickly search it. It will also reduce the stress of copyright name because it’s your registered company name you have full rights to use it, but make sure that your domain name is unique.

Copyright Infringement

Make sure your domain name which you are going to buy does not contain any famous company name, as it is copyright infringement. Make sure that you are not infringing anyone’s copyright with your domain name.

Hope that above all checklist will help you for selecting the right unique domain name for your blog. If you know more things apart from the above list, then let us know.

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