Things to be remembered before buying a domain name

do's and dont before buying domain name

I remember when I purchased my first domain name (I don’t want to disclose the name) from GoDaddy in 2014, I was thinking to create a technical blog. I continued with my first domain name for about one year. Since, due to lack of knowledge and I didn’t get success in the first blog, which I had expected. At the same time, I had decided to quit my blog.

As blogging was my passion, I continued to read about blogging and other related stuff and which helped me to start my second blog with the brand new domain name ‘SCROLLBUCKS’.

Why I chose this domain name, you can read about it in my blogging journey.

Why my first blog failed? and even I was not keen to write on it.

The first culprit is a domain name, YES, you read it correctly. I didn’t like the domain name. I purchased it in a hurry without thinking.

The domain name is an identity for your business, so I would recommend all the beginner bloggers, think twice while choosing a domain name for your blog. It will be with you till the end of life.

Here I tried to collect all the things which we need to keep in mind while selecting the domain name.

Keep it Simple

Choose a single word domain name that is easy to remember and unique. You should avoid buying domain names including numbers, double letters, complicated to pronounce, etc.

I recommend you to choose the shorter domain name. The benefit of it, people will directly search the URL if they want to visit your blog instead of searching it on Google.

Domain name suggestion tools

It’s very complicated to choose a domain name. You will get irritated if the domain you want to purchase is not available. You can take a help of domain name suggestion tools to find out the right domain name. It will not provide you exact name which you want, also it will certainly reduce the pain to find a unique word which you are searching for.


One myth is that dot-com domain extension rule the web, it’s totally wrong everything matters is the content of your blog. The meaning of domain name extensions varies like dot com represent commercial, dot net represents a network, dot org represent the organization, etc.

You can select any extension for your blog but make sure that it will suit your brand, profession, business and finally the purpose of your blog. I recommend you to go for the dot com extension.

AdSense Sandbox

This is a valuable tool for bloggers who want to make money online through AdSense. There might be a chance that the domain name which you are going to buy is banned by Google AdSense. You can check it using Google sandbox, search your domain name and the country it will show you all types of ads that you can put on it. If it fails to show ads, it means Google AdSense banned domain name.


Buy a domain name from a popular registrar like GoDaddy, Google domain, Namecheap, BigRock, etc. These are the trusted domain name registrar.

I have purchased my domain name from GoDaddy, later I moved it to Google domain.

Name Of Company

It’s good practice to select your business name as a domain name. You can keep your identity throughout the business. It will reduce the stress of trademarked name because it’s your registered company name you have full rights to use it.

Trademarked domain name

Try to avoid using any trademarked keyword in your domain name. It will not be an issue at the initial level but if your blog is getting popular then it could be an issue. If you use the trademarked domain name it will lead to trademark infringement. Then the owner might take action against it. Ultimately you will have to lose your domain name.

I hope that above all checklist will help you in selecting the right unique domain name for your blog. If you know more things apart from the above list, then let us know.

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