Things You Should Know Before Starting Blog

Are you planning to start a blog?

If your answer is YES, then I would love to tell you a few things which are helpful for you before starting a blog.

Friends, believe me, it’s very easy to start a blog but difficult to make a successful blog. Also, it is difficult to drive organic traffic to your blog. You have to follow some prerequisites to make that happen.

When I started my blog in 2014, I didn’t have much knowledge about blogging because of which I made a lot of mistakes during my blogging journey.

Here, I will tell you about the facts which you should keep in your mind before starting your blog.

Intention of blogging

If you are starting your blog then first ask yourself why you are starting a blog? There could be only two reasons- Passion or Earning Money.


If blogging is your passion then no one will stop you to start your blog. Also, you would not be bothered about the blogging results. You will be happy to write on your blog and will not think that it is your job or work.

It’s good to follow your passion and pursue your dreams. When you are writing what you love then you will feel happy and get mental satisfaction for what you are doing. Very few people get the chance to follow their passion.

Starting a blog is very easy, you can start a blog in 10 minutes but keeping it alive for a lifetime and making it successful is difficult. Many bloggers have started their blogs just by looking at others. Such bloggers don’t go far when they get bored while writing which they don’t like and if they are not getting blog traffic they get frustrated and quit blogging.

So, the first thing you must have to do blogging is interest.

Passion always leads to successful results.

Earning money

If you want to start your blog for making money, then it’s a good idea but this also depends on your passion for blogging, you must be interested in blogging. There could be possibilities that people start a blog to earn money but they don’t have an interest in writing and blogging too. 

Like I said above, we can earn money from blogging but if we don’t have an interest and try to make money from blogging then I think this will not a good idea.

Blogging Niche

If you have an interest and passion for blogging, now what next?

You have to find out the blogging niche for your blog. I would suggest that don’t write a blog about what others are writing. If you don’t have an interest in the topic which you have chosen then it will be a burden in the future. You will not get any topics for writing.

I would highly recommend you to choose the topic in which you have an interest. Anyone will find a way to write about the topic which they are interested in. Also, if you write what you love then you will feel happy and will not find blogging as work.

Also, try to focus on one niche only, if you are writing about anything you want then you might lose the search engine ranking.

Choose the blogging niche in which you are interested.

Blogging Platform

Which blogging platform you should use?

This is a very tough question for beginners. When I started ScrollBucks, I was very confused about the blogging platform. Since I had not enough money so I started my free blog on BlogSpot. Later on, I moved my blog to self-hosted hosting on the WordPress platform. You can read my blogging journey.

If you want to start a blog to earn money then I would suggest you go for WordPress from the beginning. WordPress has more features and you can install plugins that will reduce your manual efforts.

WordPress is the best platform for blogging. Here is a guide to why WordPress is a better blogging platform than Blogger.

WordPress is the best blogging platform for beginners.


Don’t choose the complicated theme, they are not always best. People are attracted to the design and look of the theme but I would recommend you choose the fastest and clean WordPress theme. It will helpful for SEO and the readers will love the fast theme.

I am using the GeneratePress WordPress theme for all my blogs. It is considered the fastest WordPress theme ever.

GeneratePress is the fastest WordPress theme you can use for the blog.

Blogging Results

I came across some bloggers who check their Adsense income frequently even though they don’t have enough earning. It’s a good habit to check our earnings if we are earning some bucks from the blog. If the blogging result is not good then we get demotivated, so it’s better not to focus on the results until we get successful.

Blogging is not one night’s work, you will not get success immediately. You have to work hard to get success. It took years to make the blog successful. Initially, you don’t have to focus on the blog results, keep writing good quality content, Google will love your blog, don’t bother about the results.

Always keep it in mind- Quality always beats Quantity.

Focus on Blog Traffic

When you have started your blog, I would recommend you focus on increasing the blog traffic rather than focusing on earning money. If you have enough traffic then you will earn from it.

The biggest mistake which beginners do is always focus on blogging income. Once you will get enough traffic you can try to implement different monetization techniques like Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

Initially, Focus on increasing blog traffic rather than blog income

Domain name

A domain name is the unique identity of the blog, you will get recognized by your domain name. We have to be very careful while choosing a domain name and don’t change it frequently. One can not afford the SEO impact when we change the domain.

If you don’t know the unique name then you can use the different domain name generator tools to get name ideas. Also, the domain name should be unique and simple.

I have written a very good article about the things to be remembered while choosing a domain name.

Now, you are ready, you can start your own blog and make money from it. I have published a detailed article on it, please read it.


Blogging is simple when you are interested in it and have some passion for it. We have to take every decision very carefully while blogging like choosing a domain name, theme, blog platform, and niche, etc.

Friends, if you like the above article then do share it with your friends who are starting the blog.

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