Have you ever prepared the typical template for a blog post?

It’s a great idea to keep a typical template and use it throughout the blog. Writing a blog post with perfectly organized content is very useful to win the reader’s trust.

Few things you should remember when writing the blog post. This is not a standard method, but to make your blog post better with content you may follow it.

I have my own method for writing a blog post. In this article, I am going to share how I write a blog post.

Topic Selection

The first step for writing the blog post is selecting the right topic for your article. You can follow the below steps to find out the right topic for your post.

  • The topic should be from your niche.
  • You can search the keywords on Quora or any other forums to get the topic ideas.
  • You can use Facebook, Linkedin platforms to get the topic’s ideas.
  • Search on Google if any articles are already present on those topics.

Readers will attract your blog by looking at the post titles. If your post title is attractive and unique then readers will visit your blog. Your post title should be unique, don’t copy others, keep it simple.

Unique Content

You should try to keep your blog topic unique. It is difficult to find a unique topic on the internet but you can try for less competition.

The content of the post must be unique, don’t try to copy from the internet. This will not be helpful as Google will penalize the copied blogs. Google crawler is pretty smart to identify the reproduced material. Also, it will directly impact on the SEO.

Cover all points

While writing the content, make sure that you are covering all the crucial aspects which readers are looking for. At the start, give a brief introduction to that topic. If the introduction of the post is good enough, then only readers will read the complete post, so try to convince readers what you are going to write.


The visual content is stronger than text content. Add at least a single image in every blog post that will attract some users. While adding images to your blog, make sure that you are not using copyrighted images. You can use the Canva tool for the image creation of your blog. If you are using Flickr images, then give proper credit to them.


While writing blog posts tries to add interlinks in between the content so that readers will not go to another blog. Interlinks help our users engage in our blog also it will increase the page views. If you add the related links in a blog post, then there is a possibility that readers will check that post also.

Post Structure

Consistency throughout the blog post is right. Here at scrollbucks, I am using some format for writing a blog post.

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Image if any
  • Topic description
  • Add interlinks
  • Conclusion if any
  • Final words

You can also create your format for writing posts, don’t change that format for every post. It is not compulsory to use the same format, but if you are following some rules, then your blog will look beautiful.

Avoid Grammatical Mistakes

This is a significant step as it will directly affect your blog traffic. This looks like a useless step, but it will negatively affect your credibility, the reader’s point of view will change towards you. Don’t neglect grammatical mistakes while writing content. If you are not able to find out the spelling error, then you can use some third-party tools for that.

I would recommend you to use MS Word and Grammarly. This tool will defiantly remove all the grammatical mistakes which you made throughout the post.

Post Length

Length doesn’t matter if you have covered all the points in your post. This is also true that, if you write a long article then it would be better to add more long-tail keywords and chances are more to get a better ranking.

The length of the post depends on the topic which you are writing. Some blogger thinks that 600 words are compulsory for a single post. I would suggest you don’t increase the length of the random post try to cover all points of that topic.

Final Words

After completing the post, you must write the final words for concluding your post. Some readers will get influenced by these last words or conclusions. In the last paragraph, what you should write is trying to write a few words about what you have written above.

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