Top Five Domain Name Generator Tools

Do you want to create a new blog? Are you struggling to find out the best suitable domain name for your blog?


This article will definitely help you to find out your dream domain name.

Many bloggers get confused while choosing a domain name. They are not sure about the niche on which they are going to write. Also, they are not sure about the name because lots of ideas are revolving in minds.

For me, I have chosen the wrong domain name because I have not heard of the Domain name generator tools. There are many domain name suggestions tools available on the internet.

Beginners don’t have any idea about it, so they choose the domain name that they want without using any tools.

Here, for beginners, I am going to tell you the top domain suggestions tools that will find the right domain name for your business.

Online domain name generator tools will help you to find out the right domain name for your blog. Before starting the blog, you should decide on the domain name, which will be your brand in the future. You have to choose the right name for your blog, which will match your blog niche.

I have seen a lot of bloggers who kept their blog names as owner’s names. Sometimes it’s good to make your identity, but I would recommend you to choose a blog name other than your name.

It’s a very complicated thing to find out the right domain name for your blog. When I have started this blog, even I got confused about the domain name. Initially, I have taken mytechnologyservice[dot]com domain name. I think you understand why I changed this domain name. The primary why I changed the domain name is its length.

I was not aware of the domain name generator tools. These tools will helps you to find out the unique website name ideas which you can use it further. It’s straightforward to use these tools, you have to put the desired keywords, and you will get thousands of ideas for the domain name.

Why should we use the Domain name generator tools?

  • To get the unique name suggestions
  • To get the right combination of our desired keywords
  • To get domain name matching to our blog niche
  • To get a creative domain name ideas

In this post, I am going to tell you my top favorite domain name generator tools. If you are looking for the right domain name, then I would recommend you to use all the below domain name generator ideas tools.

Name Mesh

This is the very cool random domain name generator tool available online. With this tool, you will get thousands of non-registered domain name ideas. The best thing which I like about this tool is, you will get categorized domain name ideas for your keywords. All the result is shown in a few categories like familiar, new, short, fun, extra, etc.

While searching, you can apply the filters to the search as you can set the maximum length for the desired domain name. You can check for the particular register of that domain name like Godaddy, Bluehost, Namecheap, etc. Also, you can search for the desired domain name extensions.

domain name generator tool name mesh

Lean Domain Search

The other favorite catchy domain name generator tool. The functionality of this tool is the same as the name mesh. You can search for any desired keywords, and a lean domain search will go to your thousands of results.

You can check for the registered domain name also. You can apply the filters to various criteria like length, popularity, etc.

domain name generator


Panabee is the all-in-one excellent business name generator tool. This tool suggests your business ideas, company name, domain name, app name, etc. Panabee also helps you to find out the username availability for all popular social networking sites. You can search for the domain name extensions

panabee domain name generator


Another cool online domain name suggestion tool. You can generate the domain name as well as a company name with this tool. You need to enter the primary and secondary keywords for search. You can apply the filters before searching it.

The exciting thing is that you can register with nameboy to keep track of your desired domain name. You can add the domain name to your cart and purchase it later.

nameboy domain name generator


If you want to get a perfect domain name for your desired criteria, then NameStation will help you. You can check the availability of domain names also you can register the domain name from the tool itself.

The best part of this tool is you will get the ideas depending on the category which you select. The only thing which differs from the above tools is you have to enter your email address to get more ideas.

namestation domain name generator

If you want to buy the domain name for your blog, then use the above tools to get different ideas. Also, before buying any domain name, you should verify a few things. I have written an excellent post about it do read it.

I hope that this article will help you to find out the right domain name for your blog. If you like this post, then do share it with all your friends.

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