UpdraftPlus Review- The best WordPress Backup Plugin

Have you lost your mobile contacts, data, photos, etc.?

It hurt a lot when you lose something, and you don’t have a backup copy of that.

Backup is essential in any situation. If you are a blogger, then you must keep the backup of your blog daily.

An appropriate backup of your WordPress blog is necessary. In case if you lost all your data, you can restore the most recent copy of the backup.

There are few best WordPress plugins available for the backup of your blog but I find UpdraftPlus useful and easy to use.

I am using UpdraftsPlus for all my blogs. There are a few reasons why I am using the UpdraftPlus plugin.

  • UpdraftPlus is the free WordPress backup plugin. It means you can backup your WordPress blog to remote storage automatically without any cost.
  • UpdraftPlus allows you to automatically and manual backup of the WordPress blog.
  • Some remote storage options are available like DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.

In this tutorial, I am going to tell you the complete setup of UpdraftPlus and how you can restore it from backup.

Install UpdraftPlus

First, install the UpdraftPlus WordPress plugin from the store.

Navigate to the UpdraftPlus dashboard, go to Setting> UpdraftPlus Backups, or else you can easily see the UpdraftPlus option at the top menu of the WordPress dashboard.

To schedule the Backup, go to the Setting tab. Here you have to choose the proper setting(refer below snapshot).

updraftplus review

You can set the backup daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly depending on your requirement. I would recommend you keep a daily backup of your blog.

Now, where our blog data will get saved, and what data will be kept?

Updraftplus offer you a various remote storage option to save your backups on the clouds. You can see the different popular cloud storage like OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, etc.

I have chosen Google Drive to keep my WordPress blog backups, because Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage, so you can easily keep the backup of one month.

If you are going with other cloud storage, then make sure that it has sufficient storage.

Once you select the cloud storage, you will need to give permission to UpdraftPlus to access your cloud account.

Don’t worry, UpdraftPlus will only save all backup data to your account in the specified path.

Once done click on the save.

Now, UpdraftPlus will daily save all your blog data to cloud storage.

You can also check the official Video of UpdraftPlus to back up the WordPress blog.

Restore backup

If you lose any data, or if you think that something is wrong in your blog, then any time you can restore the UpdraftPlus backup.

It is a straightforward and quickest process to restore the UpdraftPlus backup. Only go to the existing backup tabs where you will get the last backups.

You can select the latest backup and restore it. All set, your blog again goes live, which was previously.

restore wordpress backup

This is the only reason why I choose UpdraftPlus.

Also, all the above features are free if you want to upgrade it to the premium version you can because you will be satisfied with the free version.

Updraftplus Premium

Updraftplus premium and gold will offer you more features than the free version. Here I have sorted out some essential features

  1. Cloning and Migration- If you want to change the domain name but keep the data as it is, then you can do it with UpdraftPlus. Only clone your site and move it to the new domain name.
  2. Get rid of the ads in the premium version.
  3. You will get technical support from the developer whenever you need it.
  4. Automatically update the WordPress blog before the update of the plugin, theme, etc.
  5. Backup all the files along with the WordPress files.
  6. In premium, you can set the exact time to backup and retain the backup.
  7. You can lock the UpdraftPlus with the password and choose whoever can access it.
  8. If you find any bug, then you can immediately report it.
  9. You can restore the backup from any other WordPress backup plugins.
  10. You will get a 1GB of updraft vault where you can store the WordPress data. For gold users, you will get 50 GB of free space.

Updraftplus Premium Pricing

You will get the UpdraftPlus premium version at $70-$145 depending upon how many sites you are using

  • If you are using a premium plugin for two sites, then it’s for $70
  • If you are using it for up to 10 WordPress blog, then it’s for $90
  • For the developer, it will be at $145

Final Words

There are other backup plugins available in the WordPress store, out of which I tried BackupBuddy and UpdraftPlus. I find UpdraftPlus is excellent and easy to use and restore.

If you are using any other WordPress plugin for the backup of the WordPress blog, then let our readers know.

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