Best URL Shortener Tools [Popular]

URL shortening means some tools convert the regular URL into a short format. It will still redirect to the correct specified links.

Sometimes if you are transferring long links over the mail, it was breaking into a small parts, and before reaching the receiver, it will break.

Need for URL shortener tool

  • On Twitter, there is a limit for a character for updating status; in such cases, we won’t update the status of the link if it is long.
  • A short URL is convenient to read and send over the mail, instant messaging service, etc.
  • You can write a short URL without a mistake.
  • If you want to share the link on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, then you can quickly send it.
  • If you are using affiliate links on your blog, then you can easily hide it by shortening them.
  • By using a shortening URL, you can track the audience.

Google URL shortener

A product by Google in which you can short a long URL with a single click. If you have Google login active, then you will get stats for previous URLs like how many clicks, created date, etc. Once you put your URL and shorten it, you will get a preview of that URL under the link to get confirmed the correct URL. All URL which is getting shorter by Google starts with

You can add a Chrome and Mozilla plugin to shorten the link immediately.

google url shortner


This is a popular URL shortening service. The short URL, which is created by using TinyURL starts with Once you shorten the URL, you will get the length of the URL and the new period.



The standard URL shortener method is accepted all over the world. You will get a basic service of shortening URLs free of cost. If you want more features, then you can upgrade it to the enterprise edition. You will get a comprehensive dashboard of stats on Bitly. The URL which gets short using Bitly starts with

You will get the Chrome plugin for Bitly so that you can fast shorten the URL.

Enterprise edition features

  • You can replace the URL with your brand name or short blog name. It means your final short URL starts with a short name decided by you.
  • You can create a campaign and keep eye on your audience. You can identify the CTR of your links.
  • You will get support 24*7.
bitly url shortner tool


Where can I use a short URL?

You can use the shorter URL wherever you want. Just I said above you can hide your affiliate links too. If your links are too long, then I recommend you short them before publishing them to the social world. To increase the readability, we use a short URL

Is a short URL redirect to the specified link?

That’s the use of a URL shortener tool. We get a unique URL for your long link, and it will redirect to your link.

Why should I use the URL shortener tools?

If you want to know more about your audience in which links they are interested, then I would recommend you to use these services. Sharing short links instead of the original links is useful for the readers.

The above are the three best URL shortener tools that I used throughout my promotion strategy. You will get other tools also for shortening the URL, but all these are very popular than others.

If you have not used these services, then you can use one of the above tools which are entirely free of cost.

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