Web hosting renewal pricing scam

Web hosting renewal pricing comparison

The blog performance, loading speed depends on the server response time. If your hosting provider is not right, servers are slow then definitely it will decrease the blog performance.

Here at ScrollBucks, I have experienced the Dreamhost, Bluehost , Vultr, Cloudways hosting. I have written all the reviews and experiences with all these hostings.

Every web hosting companies offer a discounted price for the first time users. When it comes to the renewal, then the prices increase by 90%, why this huge difference?

Bluehost, Dreamhost, Hostgator, GreenGeeks all these web hosting companies renewal pricing is 90% more than the initial price. In this case, users have two options to save money

  • Either we can change the hosting and migrate our blog to new hosting.
  • Or you can buy the same hosting but with a new account and migrate the blog so that you will get a discount.

In any of the ways, we have to migrate the blog from one host to another or the same host. This is an extra burden we will get when it comes to the renewal of the hosting.

In this post, I am going to compare the renewal pricing of all the top hosting companies and how smart bloggers save money by changing the web hosting.


Bluehost is the best option for the startup blog and also recommended by WordPress. Yes, it’s true, but you haven’t heard anything significant here. I am going to tell you about the customer’s complaints about the renewal pricing of Bluehost pricing.

Even, I have faced the issue with Bluehost hosting, which I want to share here with all the WordPress users so that you won’t make this mistake.

I purchased the Bluehost shared hosting for my blog at $3.95/month for a year. As a WordPress beginner, every blogger wants the least investment and more profit. I bought the Bluehost hosting at the cheapest rate (There are other cheap hosting too, but I preferred the Bluehost because WordPress itself recommends it).

When my Bluehost hosting plan was ending, I decided to upgrade the basic plan. I was about to check the renewal pricing of Bluehost, and I was shocked. The renewal charges for the basic plan were/will be almost $9.99/month, which is too expensive for beginners. Even if you are a business, it is not affordable.


Dreamhost is my first web hosting on my blog. I purchased this hosting with a 97% discount, and I just paid $23, so I almost save $50 with this hosting.

The basic plan of the Dreamhost starting from the $9.95/month($119/year), but you will get the discount coupon for the first time purchase. You can click on the below link to get the 50% off on Dreamhost shared hosting.

Dreamhost Discount Link

If you want to purchase the plan monthly, then it will be charged $10.95/month (it’s better to buy it yearly). Here I want to share my personal experience with Dreamhost hosting.

Have you heard that some bloggers purchased the hosting from their affiliate link to get the extra benefit?

Yes, it’s true, and even I tried this for my blog too, and it worked. I got a $47 reward for referring the new user (that’s me).

But where is the issue exists?

You can do this just for only one time for a single hosting (I am talking about Dreamhost). Why so?

When I first purchased the Dreamhost hosting in 2015, in that period I used to promote the Dreamhost hosting (don’t need to create the affiliate account, it’s built-in hosting account) through my affiliate links and banners.

Later on, I moved my blog to Bluehost hosting because of massive hosting charges by Dreamhost. When my Bluehost hosting was ending, again I purchased the Dreamhost hosting through my affiliate link by using the Scrollbucks domain name, and I got a reward too (later I canceled this hosting due to some issue on my blog).

Once my Bluehost hosting ended, I again purchased the Dreamhost hosting with the new domain name because it was not accepting the Scrollbucks as it was already linked to the old account (I have three other blogs, so I purchased with the etricks[dot]org domain name).

Once I bought I tried to add Scrollbucks in the domain name, but it was showing an error that you cannot add this domain name as it is already associated with the old hosting (my old hosting is on Scrollbucks domain).

I tried to connect with the technical support team, and I got various reply’s like

  1. The technical team disabled my old account and asked me to try to remove the domain name from the old hosting account (that time they don’t know that I purchased the hosting from my own affiliate links twice).
  2. They removed the domain name from the old hosting and asked me to add the domain name to the new hosting but the same result.

After doing all the stuff, they investigated the issue and found that I have purchased the hosting from my own affiliate link.

To add the domain name(Scrollbucks) to the new hosting either you have to remove the benefits reward which you got from the Dreamhost affiliate, or you can pay the amount which you got through an affiliate.

So, if you are using the Dreamhost WordPress hosting, then don’t try to waste time on this thing because there will be no output.

I have written everything here because I know most of you tried this method to save some bucks. So, be careful and at least don’t try this on Dreamhost.


Hostgator is another top web hosting company that offers WordPress hosting at the cheapest rate. If you compare the renewal pricing of all the hosting the Hostgator charge the more during renewal.

The initial price of Hostgator starts from the $4.95/month, but after the year Hostgator renewal charges $7.95/month for the same plan. Hostgator also offers the discounted coupon code for first time users so if you are purchasing it for the first time, and then you will get a benefit for one year.


GreenGeeks is a new and emerging web hosting company. The initial price of the Greengeeks starts from the $2.95/month for first-time users. The renewal pricing is $7.95/month (varies from season to season). The renewal price is a bit small than the other hosting.

As a beginner, everyone wants stable hosting so that they won’t need to do extra like migration and all things.

Now, the question is that how you can get rid of (this is for those who don’t know migration of WordPress blog because they can quickly change the hosting from one to another and will save sufficient money).

The best option to get rid of this hidden renewal pricing is either to change the web hosting or buy the same hosting but from the new account. This will also need the migration of the blog.


  • Have you noticed that all the web hosting prices is $xxxx.95/month
  • Almost all the web hosting has hidden renewal pricing increased by 90%, which they don’t tell the users while purchasing.
  • Most of the users pay all the renewal price to avoid the extra work of migrating and all other stuff.
  • Smart bloggers change the hosting to save money.
  • All hosting allows applying the coupon code for the first time. Dreamhost offers a massive discount for the first time user up to 97% off.
  • You can purchase the hosting by using your affiliate link but for a single time.
  • I recommend you don’t change the hosting every time it might degrade the performance of the blog.
  • If you want to stay at the single hosting, then purchase the three years or 5 years plan which will save a lot of your money.

Currently, I purchased the Bluehost plus hosting from the new account and migrated my blog to the new Bluehost account.

For this, you need to do extra work to migrate your blog to another hosting. You can easily do this if you are an expert or else you can hire an expert for the same (Use the Fiverr gig to do this just at $5).

If you have faced any web hosting renewal pricing issue, then share your experience with us. You can let your blogger friends know about web hosting hidden pricing.

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