Managed Web Hosting Hidden Renewal Pricing Comparison

Do you know that the renewal pricing of any managed hosting provider is more than 90% of the initial price?

Every web hosting companies offer a discounted price for first-time users. When it comes to the renewal, then the prices increase by 90%.

Bluehost, Dreamhost, Hostgator, and GreenGeeks are all these web hosting companies’ renewal pricing is 90% more than the initial price. When it comes to the renewal of the hosting users have two options to save money.

  • Either they can change the hosting and migrate our blog to new hosting to get the discounted rate hosting.
  • Or you can buy the same hosting but with a new account and migrate the blog to a new server so that you will get a discount once again.

In both cases, we have to migrate the blog from one host to another or the same host. This is an extra burden we will have to bear when it comes to the renewal of the hosting.

In this article, I am going to compare the renewal pricing of all the top hosting companies and will tell you how smart bloggers save money by changing web hosting.


Bluehost is the best option for the startup blog and is also recommended by WordPress. Every newbie blogger wants to start a blog on Bluehost because it is cheap and affordable hosting with great performance.

I purchased the Bluehost shared hosting for my blog at $3.95/month for a year. As a newbie blogger, every blogger wants the least investment and more profit. I purchased the Bluehost hosting at the cheapest rate.

When my Bluehost hosting plan was ending, I decided to upgrade the basic plan. I was about to check the renewal pricing of Bluehost, and I was shocked. The renewal charges for the basic plan were around $9.99/month, which was not affordable for me or any beginners.

HostingPlansInitial Price Renewal Price
 Choice Plus$6.95$14.99
Hostgator Hatching$2.75$6.95
 Buisness $5.95$14.95
DreamhostShared Unlimited$4.95$9.95


I have started my first blog on Dreamhost and purchased the hosting with a 97% discount, and I just paid $23 for a year, so I have saved around $50 with this hosting.

The basic plan of the Dreamhost starts from $9.95/month($119/year), but you will get a discount coupon for the first-time purchase.

You can click on the below link to get the 50% off on Dreamhost shared hosting.

If you want to purchase the plan monthly, then it will be charged $10.95/month (it’s better to buy it yearly).

Initially, Dreamhost will offer you more than a 60% discount so that users can purchase it. When it comes to renewal again we will face the same issue. You will have to pay $119 per year.

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Hostgator is another top web hosting company that offers WordPress hosting at the cheapest rate starting from $2.75.

Hostgator also offers a discounted coupon code for first-time users so if you are purchasing it for the first time, and then you will get a benefit for one year.

Next year, you will have no option. You will have to pay all amounts without any coupon code. There might be chances that, you will get a discount for the renewal of the existing plan.


GreenGeeks is also a popular web hosting company. The initial price of the Greengeeks starts from $2.95/month for first-time users. The renewal pricing is $9.95/month (varies from season to season).

As a beginner, everyone wants stable hosting so that they won’t need to do extra work like migration and all related stuff.

Get rid of renewal pricing problems

If you want to use the managed web hosting then you will have to face the renewal pricing problem.

How to get rid of renewal pricing scams?

This is for those who don’t know the migration of WordPress blogs because they can quickly change the hosting from one to another and will save sufficient money.

The best option to get rid of this hidden renewal pricing is either to change the web hosting or buy the same hosting but from the new account. This will also need the migration of the blog.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

We have another solution for the hidden renewal price of managed web hosting. nowadays, VPS is very popular because of its performance and cloud-based hosting.

If you know how to manage the server and all related stuff then you can go for the VPS option. You will not get disappointed with VPS.

The pricing of VPS is very less compared to managed web hosting. You will get the server starting from $2.5 and its charges are on an hourly basis.

NOTE- There is no renewal pricing concept in VPS.

There are many options in VPS, like Vultr, Digital Ocean, Linode, etc. Also, if you don’t know how to manage VPS then you can go for the managed VPS like Cloudways.

Key Points To Remember

  • All the managed web hosting has hidden renewal prices increased by 90%, which users don’t know while purchasing.
  • Some users pay the renewal price to avoid the extra work of migrating and smart bloggers change the hosting to save money.
  • Initially, all hosting provider has a discounted price for first-time users.
  • If you want to stay at the single hosting, then purchase the three years or 5 years plan which will save a lot of your money.

If you have faced any web hosting renewal pricing issues, then share your experience with us. You can let your blogger friends know about web hosting hidden pricing.

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