What did I learn From My Three Failed Blogs?

my blogging failure

I have been blogging since 2013. During this period, I had started a few blogs, but some of these get successful, and I had to quit a few blogs. Recently, I have shared my blogging journey in which I mentioned my blogging failure.

This article will write about my blogging failure and what I learned from my failed blogs.

So far, I have purchased the below domain names.

  • MyTechnologyService[dot]com
  • ScrollBucks.Com
  • Etricks[dot]org
  • BollywoodPlanet[dot]in
  • ScrollGeeks.Com


In 2013, when I came to know that I can start a blog for free on Blogger, I was very excited to buy a domain name. Every domain name was looking good because that was the first time I was searching for domain names.

Finally, I decided to purchase the domain name. I purchased the MyTechnologyService[dot]com domain name from GoDaddy in 2013. I didn’t have much knowledge about blogging, but I still wanted to start a blog.

I started my blog on Blogger with this domain name. But, unfortunately, I didn’t have money to go for WordPress, so I continued with Blogger.

After a few months, I realized that we should have a unique and simple domain name for a long-running blog. Also, the domain name should be short and easy to remember. As my domain name doesn’t have any meaning, I decided to quit my blog.

The only reason why I quit this blog was the domain name. After this experience, I have written an article about domain name guidelines for beginners.

Take Away

  • Don’t make a hurry while purchasing the domain name.
  • Be unique and simple.
  • Don’t copy others while choosing domain names.
  • The domain name will be your identity. Choose it wisely.


I have written around 150 articles on ScrollBucks about blogging and technology. I decided to move all technology-related articles to another domain name to make a single niche blog.

In 2019, I got an idea about etricks[dot]org, and I checked for the domain availability. Fortunately, it was present on GoDaddy, and I purchased it.

I started moving all my blog posts to etricks, and also I was creating the images for the new blog with its domain name on it. This took around a month to migrate all blog posts and prepare the images.

I was unable to manage the two blogs simultaneously since I have a full-time job as a software engineer. 

I hardly get time to look into my blog, and in this situation, I started the second blog, which I hadn’t looked at since it started.

After a few months, I decided to quit the blog, and again I moved all the blog posts to the original blog ScrollBucks.

Take Away

  • I would suggest that you never start a second blog for the newbie blogger unless your first one is successful and getting enough traffic.
  • When you are writing the articles, think about the topic and write only about it. Don’t make your blog multi-niche.
  • Before starting a blog, check all the possibilities about your time and all other personal stuff.

NOTE- Never start the second blog unless your first one is successful.


As I was interested in Bollywood, I decided to start an entertainment blog. So I searched the domain name, and I got this one. My main target audience was India, so I decided to go for in domain name.

I started writing the Bollywood news, movie reviews, and photos, and I was getting decent traffic but no income from Adsense.

I started my Facebook and Instagram page for BollywoodPlanet, and I was getting a huge response because Bollywood is popular in India. 

When I started this blog, I already had ScrollBucks running, and I don’t want to quit ScrollBucks since this was my favorite blog.

In 2019, I hardly got time to look into my blog. Also, I was paying for both blogs for hosting and other expenses. So I decided to quit the Bollywood blog and decided not start the second blog again.

Take Away

  • Again I will recommend you don’t start the second blog unless your first one is successful.
  • Choose a profitable niche.

Right now, I have one blog, ScrollBucks, and I don’t want to start the second one because I hardly get time to work on one blog.

Currently, I have only one blog.

Things You Need To Know Before Starting a Blog

  • Find a profitable niche in which you are interested and write only about it.
  • Search for the domain name. Remember, it will be your identity, so choose it wisely. You can use the domain name generator tools, it’s free.
  • Choose proper web hosting, and you can go for VPS, it is cheap and has excellent performance.
  • Try to write content that is not easily available on the internet, so Google will be proud to show your content on the first page.
  • You can purchase the premium theme, and domain for your blog because nothing is free in this world.
  • Write content thoroughly, and make it interesting, and engaging.
  • Guest post is just for backlinks, don’t accept the guest post.

Final Words

I have tried a lot of experiences on my blogs. I started a new one and shut down a few blogs. I like to do experiences on my blogs. During this, I learned new things.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

If you want to start a blog, then do it passionately. A person learns from their mistakes. If you are not doing any mistakes, then you are not learning new things.

Also, I saw many bloggers rehash the original content and write it on their blogs. If you want to be a serious blogger, then avoid copying others.

If you have made any mistakes in your blogging journey, please let our readers know. Also, do comment your thoughts on it.

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