What Is Gravity On Clickbank? Everything You Need To Know As An Affiliate

Clickbank is one of the most likely options for anyone looking to join the affiliate marketing business. Being a successful Clickbank affiliate, however, requires an intelligent, informed choice of products to promote, and this can be influenced by understanding Gravity on Clickbank.

Clickbank gravity is a performance statistic capable of reflecting which products are “hot” at a given time. The gravity of a product is determined by summing up the scores of different affiliates who have sold that product in the last 12 weeks. 

While this metric does not guarantee a better conversion, it might contribute largely to a profitable choice. Read on to learn more about gravity on Clickbank, how to calculate it, and how it may affect how much you can achieve with Clickbank.


How Does Clickbank Operate?

If you don’t know how Clickbank works, you might question the need for understanding gravity on Clickbank as an affiliate or intending affiliate. So let’s take a brief look at it.

Clickbank is a worldwide internet reseller and affiliate marketplace. It provides a platform where people (affiliates) can promote other people’s (vendors) products, and earn a commission. The affiliates play the role of the middlemen between the buyer and the seller.

When you sign up to Clickbank, you are required to select a list of products that you want to promote. You can promote these products on your blog, website, and social media platforms using your Clickbank unique link. 

If any customer shows interest in the products and makes purchases through your link, you get a certain percentage of the profit from the sales. This is known as the sales commission.

This implies that how much you can make as an affiliate has a lot to do with which products you are promoting. Therefore, it is advised that before choosing offers to promote, you have to research the different products, rather than randomly selecting. 

Your research should, amongst other things, include “which products are most popular?”. It is believed that popular products have higher tendencies for more sales conversion. Clickbank gravity gives you an answer to that.

Understanding Clickbank Gravity

Clickbank gravity is a performance metric that measures the rate of success of a product over the past 12 weeks. It considers the number of affiliates that got paid for promoting a particular product within the stipulated time.

Gravity on Clickbank also considers other vital elements like average earning per sale, commission rate, and competition. With gravity you can estimate affiliate success, using random values that have no capitalization.

For Clickbank, gravity is the score given to each affiliate product, using a formula unique to them. It is concerned with how many sales and how recently they took place.

It is generally a statistic of how well a vendor’s product is doing in the Clickbank marketplace. The fact that it gives more credence to most recent sales makes it easier to get a clue about which products are hot (popular) in the marketplace.

The performance is considered in terms of being promoted by affiliates and leading to a reasonable number of sales. High gravity can also mean that the affiliates will have to face a lot of competition in promoting that product. 

A particular vendor’s gravity is the total number of scores of various affiliates who within the last 12 weeks, have sold the vendor’s product. The scores given to each affiliate is dependent on when last he (she) sold the product and is assumed to be:

  • “1” if the affiliate sold yesterday.
  • The day before yesterday =0.96.
  • For 3 days ago: 0.96^2=0.9216.
  • For 4 days ago: 0.96^3=0.884736.
  • “n” days ago= 0.96^[n-1].

Note: “n” represents any number of days beyond 4 days.

Calculating Gravity on Clickbank

An exact approach to the calculation of gravity has not been provided by Clickbank but is widely speculated to take this formula.

A typical example:

Supposing 3 affiliates sold a vendor’s product for the past 84 days (12 weeks).

  • Affiliate 1 sold 2 three days ago and 10 two days ago. The gravity is 0.96.
  • Affiliate 2 sold 1 eighty-four days ago and 2 four days ago. Gravity is 0.884736.
  • Affiliate 3 sold 2 four days ago and 5 three days ago. Gravity is 1.

Note that in the calculation, each affiliate’s gravity was based on their last day of sales. The vendor’s gravity ( sum of the affiliates’ scores) = 2.844736 (0.96+0.884736+1).

This may be enough to say that high gravity means affiliates are earning a lot of commissions on sales, and you should go for them. Low gravity means that sales have been low, and efforts to promote such products may be futile. This assumption makes gravity a crucial factor to consider in the choice of products.

However, while this assumption may be true, it is not always the case because gravity on Clickbank can vary. The gravity can be high this week, and in the next two weeks, the gravity decreases, and vice-versa.

This is to say that it may not be a reliable measure for which product is most popular or for determining the number of sales. It may only mean that the product has a lot more affiliates selling it. 

For instance, if 50 affiliates make 1 sale each, the product’s gravity is 50. Also, if 2 affiliates make 25 sales each, the product’s gravity is 2. This tells us that two different products with very extreme differences in gravity can produce the same number of sales.

More number of affiliates selling a particular product spells competition, and for a beginner, starting with such products may not be a wise choice. The beginner may lack sufficient understanding of the techniques of promoting the product and as such may not be able to stand the competition.

For some, a product with a low gravity is the catch. They believe that because not many affiliates are selling it, there is less competition, and thus, they stand a better chance of making sales from them.

Gravity Can be Falsified

The vendors probably know that high gravity is one of the key things affiliates look out for in selecting products, especially for newbies. As a result, they can go ahead to manipulate it to draw their interests.

The vendor could:

  • Entice his affiliates to buy the products through bonuses, or ask them to buy the products, after which they will be reimbursed.
  • Set up multiple affiliate accounts, utilize them on a rotating basis for sales, and purchase the products through each of the accounts.

Using these methods to promote sales are unscrupulous and can endanger customers’ trust in the vendor’s products. Such deceptive acts may also result in high refund rates. Once that is the case, Clickbank closes the vendor’s account irrespective of their gravity.

On the part of the affiliates, this will mean that all the efforts put into the promotion of the vendor’s products will be a total waste.

How to Use Clickbank Gravity

These are the suggested ways to effectively use the Clickbank gravity, both for vendors and affiliates.

For Affiliates 

One thing you should always remember is that high gravity doesn’t necessarily imply a top-selling product. Assume you were going to choose a product with a gravity of 400 and discovered it had been 700 two weeks ago.

You are most likely to be discouraged from making that choice because that is an implication that the gravity is decreasing. Proper research into the history of a product is therefore of great necessity.

Similarly, products with high gravity are most possibly sold through websites with high conversion rates (the rate at which the sites convert visitors into buyers). But they may, however, not be the best option.

This is because such products are usually hot, and popular products attract stiff competition from fellow affiliate marketers. 

The effect of this is that you might have to spend so much trying to promote these products. In the end, the cost of promotion might outweigh the advantage of having a hot offer to promote.

Products with a gravity of less than 5 are most of the time not advisable to promote. Most often than not it implies that few affiliates have been successful with sales of such products.

This can be attributed to a less-functional sales page or not many affiliates have tried to promote it.

Products with a gravity of 5-20 are more preferable and recommended, especially if they are new on the scene. They are very likely to get popular sooner than you think. The gravity of “20″ most likely depicts a good sales page.

A hint about products with gravity reaching 20 is, if you are using PPC advertising, bidding on brand keywords like the “product’s name” is an addition. 

The reasoning behind this is that they have as many conversion rates as 2 in 20. Also, you can feign to get extraordinarily targeted visitors. With the added benefit of your PPC campaigns over recent unskilled competitor’s campaigns, you can start promoting outstanding Clickbank products till they are well-known.

This is nonetheless not to be used on the content networks but search traffic alone.

For products with a gravity of 20-100, they are considered the most viable option for promotion. But before you plunge into it, ensure they have low refund rates.

A landing page is essential for a successful PPC campaign with such products. You should write an original review of the product.

If you are making use of the brand keywords, additional useful bonuses may attract more people and boost your sales. Also, a series of follow-up messages and free reports, borne out of good research, can be of great impact.

With this, you can earn your subscribers’ trust. They will believe you are an authority in that topic and will most likely stick to your advice and recommendations.

A gravity level of more than 100 is usually not advisable. Nevertheless, you can go for such products if you have die-hard subscribers who esteem your suggestions, or you have enough money for PPC investigations.

Those products, with the right push, have the potential to make you earn a lot of money. High gravity is also very important in search engine marketing where a high rating on keywords is a powerful tool. 

Aside from gravity, you can also consider these factors  about the products:

  • Is it an in-demand item?
  • Effectiveness of the sales page. Are there leaks on the sales page that may cause you to lose your commission? Does it have a low refund rate?
  • The amount of commission you’ll earn.
  • The affiliate support.

Note that the refund or conversion rates are not available on Clickbank statistics. So, you may need to judge by yourself, the quality of products.

In summary, affiliates should always look out for the hidden treasures in the Clickbank marketplace. Don’t deem a high gravity as a reliable pointer of a great offer to promote, nor consider a low gravity as having a low prospect. A vendor’s Clickbank gravity might only give you an inkling of the feasibility of selling their products as an affiliate.

For Vendors

It is already established that affiliates will most likely go for products with high gravity. With this knowledge, as a vendor, you can do well to target an increased gravity on Clickbank to get high-quality affiliates promoting your products.

A gravity of 50-100 is okay. Increasing your gravity above that may not bring the result you seek, since a gravity of more than 100 is a turn-off for many affiliates.

It is believed that it suggests overrated gravity value and difficulty in making headway with the product. But for less than 50, it is good you work at raising it.

Other methods of increasing Clickbank account gravity include:

  • You can contact and ask bloggers on your products’ corner if they will like to review or promote your products.
  • With Clickbank “insights” you can reach out to affiliates, telling them about your products, why it’s a great option for them.
  • There are other vendors on Clickbank with high gravity. You can reach out to them and know if they may want to promote your products.
  • You could also make a one-time promotion drive to both new and existing affiliates. This can invite other affiliates to sign up, as the gravity grows and marketplace rating climbs.

Another feasible method is selling more than one product through one Clickbank account. This way, the affiliate sales of your various products can help increase the gravity on that account through which the same is made.

If you will use this method effectively nonetheless, you have to ensure that all the products in that account are of the same category. You should not place a cosmetic product together with a home appliance product in the same account.

The affiliates may not find it alluring, and it may not increase your gravity in turn. Placing products of the same category in each account gives it a more professional and attractive look.

Furthermore, you wouldn’t want to be selling multiple Clickbank products per Web page. This will practically require you to have different payment buttons/links and numerous sales presentations on the same page,  which is not good enough. 

The implication of this is that you are left with the option of having one hoplink target URL for all the products in your account. There are two ways to do this.

You can either use a PHP script on your website or CB Multi-Link. The PHP script solution is a more sophisticated one. You can employ the services of a PHP coder who is acquainted with Clickbank if you cannot write PHP codes.

The CB Multi-Link is an easy and economical solution. It’s a compilation of files that you can download from the seller’s website and upload on yours, but on their terms.

With the files uploaded on your site, you can go ahead to configure the software using your web browser. The seller will also give you instructions on how to go about it.

Once you have done this, you can now sell as many products as you want from one Clickbank account, regardless of different multiple domains. You can also check the vendor’s site to discover other benefits of this approach.


Checking out a product’s gravity on Clickbank as a tool for making the right choices of products is no doubt useful. However, using only this metric can be risky because it is only a component of the whole.

Seeing it’s hardly a reliable indicator, you may need to consider the effectiveness of the sales page, and the feasibility of the niche the products belong to. You can also examine the current level of competition for different products.

The general goal of the research is to find products that are more liable to convert to sales. So endeavor to seize every opportunity and employ every means at your disposal. For vendors, there are several ways to increase your products’ gravity, as indicated in this article. You can decide to try them out.

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