10 Skills You Need To Have To Become A Professional Blogger

Hello Friends,

I hope you are interested in starting a blog.

If you think blogging is EASY then you are totally wrong.

I will elaborate on the above statement

  1. Starting a blog is EASY.
  2. Driving traffic to your blog is DIFFICULT.
  3. If you succeed in the second point then earning money from your blog is EASY.

I have been blogging since 2013, I met many bloggers during this journey. One thing which I experienced if you want to become a successful blogger, then you must have a passion for blogging.

Many bloggers publish their income and traffic reports on their blogs. If you read the income report, you will get inspired and wants to start a blog. This is called attraction but we need passion.

I would suggest, instead of looking at income reports you would see the hard work which is responsible to reach that milestone.

In this article, I will share my experience with the blogging journey and sort out the facts you should remember before starting your blogging journey. Also, I will explain the must-have skills of professional bloggers, which makes them successful bloggers.

Passion In Blogging

If you find any bloggers who quit blogging, then you can ask them why they quit blogging. Definitely, you will get a negative answer.

  • The person who has a passion for blogging, don’t quit blogging.
  • The person who doesn’t have a passion for blogging and started a blog, will definitely quit blogging.

Do you have an interest in blogging? if YES then start a blog and follow your passion.

I will make this easy for you.

If you are interested in blogging then go for it otherwise, it’s just a waste of time. It is not like if others are blogging and earning decent money from the blog then we can. It varies from passion to passion, skills to skills.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the next skill after passion. Starting a blog is not a big deal, but to continue it without any STOP is quite difficult. Some bloggers start their blogs, but they are not consistent.

Consistency is the key to SUCCESS in blogging

If you want to become a successful blogger, then you must be consistent with your blog. You should regularly update your blog content or you can write a new one if you want. This will directly impact to SEO of your blog. Google needs updated content to show on the first page of search results.


Successful bloggers don’t quit blogging at any cost because they know that they can make it. I have seen some bloggers who work 10-12 hours a day. If you have confidence in what you are doing, then no one can stop you other than you.

You must be hardworking in your work, it doesn’t matter what difficulties you face. If you continuously work on it, one day you will get to your destination.

Writing Skills

Writing is the first requirement in blogging. A good writer can attract readers, can engage readers on your blog.

I think you know the power of media they can change everything with a single article. If you write content on your blog it will be visible to the entire world.

Some bloggers hire professional writers for the blog. If your content is good, then only people will read your articles. Hiring a writer is the next step, before that, I would suggest you write some articles on your own so that you will also get exposure to blogging and confidence as well.

Coding Skill

This is not a necessary skill for blogging, but if you want to customize your blog as per your requirements, then you must have it. If you want to customize your blog or have some coding issues, then you can hire a developer from Fiverr just for $5.

If you have a piece of excellent coding knowledge, then you can take a WordPress project, and you will earn enough money from it. If you sign up for Fiverr, you can show yourself the expertise to make money.

Full-Time Job vs Blogging

This is a frequently asked question that I read everywhere. Before answering this question, I would like to say that

Don’t quit your full-time job unless you are not sure about the blogging income.

If you think that your blog is earning more money than your full-time job still I suggest you don’t quit your job. Do blogging for some months to see the results, and I am sure it will take at least one year to earn more money than your full-time job.

Analyze the earning reports every month and when your earnings are stable then only go for blogging.


The time required for all things. Some people are very busy in their life. I would say that blogging is not for those individuals who are always working on their personal or corporate work. You need to have enough time to make your blog popular and ultimately you will become a successful blogger.

Time is money don’t waste it


Blogging is not a one-day process, not even a month. We need to work for years to get success even more than that. We must have that much patience to bear ups and downs. The people who know well that they will succeed one day don’t quit blogging under any circumstances.

Reading Skill

If you read more, then your knowledge will get increase, and you will think differently. Also, you will get fresh ideas to write content on your blog.

You should write content that is not easily available on the internet. The more you write on your blog more you get visitors.

Final Words

I have sorted out the above qualities on the basis of my blogging experience. If possible, try to acquire skills and make your blog like a professional blogger.

What do you think about the above qualities of bloggers? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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