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Is your WordPress blog load slow?

Have you experienced the performance issue due to slower loading?

I have seen some bloggers facing this problem with their WordPress blogs. They are finding an excellent way to decrease the load time and improve performance. I would suggest you clean up the database by using WP Sweep or WP-Optimize WordPress plugin

Nearly half of all visitors will leave a mobile site if the pages don’t load within 3 seconds-Google

What do readers want? They want a site with high loading speed they don’t wait for a few seconds. Most users move to the next site if your blog failed to load as expected.

Why does this happen?

The primary reason for this slowness in loading your blog is image size in your blog post if you are uploading the HD images having a size of more than 1 MB then apparently your blog loads slowly.

How to get rid of this issue?

One way to improve your page loading time is to compress all images. Compressing the images will not assure that your blog speed will improve, but it will enhance your blog performance.

If you are using WordPress for your blog, then I have a great plugin to do the above all tasks in one click.

WP-smush WordPress plugin will optimize all the images present on your WordPress blog.

Getting started with WP Smush

WP-Smush is a free WordPress plugin for all users. To get the benefit of this plugin, you need to install it from the WordPress plugin directory.

Once you install it, go to Media > WP Smush

The dashboard of WP Smush is divided into four sections viz stats, bulk smush, setting. Advanced setting

Now you are ready to optimize all your images. To optimize the images click on the ‘Bulk Smush Now’ and your images start processing.

Note: Free version of WP Smush allow you to Smush 50 images per click if you want to Smush all the images in a single click you can upgrade it to the pro version.

Once you complete the Smushing of 50 images, then start optimizing another 50 images and so on. You can check the stats of the WP Smush in the stats section.

wp smush wordpress plugin

For my blog, till now WP Smush saved 7.7MB memory by optimizing 414 images, and for the pro version, it would be 15.4MB saving.

You can auto compress the images when you upload them. Go to setting and enable the option

wp smush auto compress WordPress plugin

Why WP Smush?

There are many reasons why you should experience the WP Smush plugin. I have sorted out a few of them

  1. The free version of this plugin is sufficient to optimize all images on your blog.
  2. Easy to use. Once you install this plugin, you can easily understand the plugin UI and functionality.
  3. WP Smush will improve the blog performance by optimizing all images
  4. Most rated images optimization plugin available in the WordPress directory.
  5. Auto Smush option will reduce your manual work to optimize images.
  6. This plugin will optimize almost all types of images.

Why WP Smush Pro?

WP Smush Pro version will allow you more functionality than the free version. Some of the listed features

  1. You can smush all the images in a single click.
  2. Convert PNG to JPEG
  3. Super Smush (increase in saving memory)
  4. You can keep the backup of original images in case you need to restore it.
  5. You can Smush image up to 32MB
  6. and so on (check the below snapshot)
  7. 24*7 support, if you face any problem with this plugin, then you can connect with the support team at any time.
wp smush pro features

I have been using this plugin for the last four months. I installed this plugin and optimized all the images. My blog performance and page loading speed increase significantly. Now I have enabled the auto Smush feature to optimize the images automatically.

I am thinking to buy the pro version of this plugin to get more features, but before that, I would use this plugin for a year and will decide. I like the bulk Smush feature of this plugin as you don’t need to Smush all the images one by one just a single click is enough to optimize all the images(pro version).

For a WordPress blogger, I would recommend this plugin if your blog loading speed is slow, and you want to optimize the images. Installing this plugin is worth it.

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