WPForms- Authorize.net Addon For Accepting Online Payments

Are you looking for an online payment option for your WordPress website?

WPForms has a solution for online payments. Unfortunately, WPForms support few payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, by which you can easily accept online payments.

WPForms has introduced the Authorize.net addon by which you can easily accept money from credit cards. This would be a great addon, as WPForms has Stripe and PayPal addons so that users would have more choices for payments.

In this article, I will explain all the information about the Authorize.net addon. You will learn how to install the addon, how to create WordPress forms for payments. But, first, let’s dive into the tutorial.

Install And Activate WPForms

The first step is to install and activate the WPForms. It is a free WordPress plugin for basic features, but if you want to take advantage of premium features, you can upgrade it.

For this tutorial, we need the WPForms Elite plan to use the Authorize.net addon. You can check out the WPForms pricing below. It offers four different plans starting from $39 per year.

Install Authorize.net Addon

Once you installed the WPForms plugin, you can navigate to WPForms » Addon and install Authorize.net.

Authorize.net is an online payment solution for your WordPress website. You can accept payment anytime and anywhere using authorize.net.

WPForms has introduced the Authorize.net integration with WordPress forms by using which you can easily accept payments from customers.

Configure Authorize.net addon

Navigate to WPForms » Settings and click on the Payments.

If you want you can choose your default currency. Go to the Authorize.net section. In this section, you would have to configure your Authorize.net account.

You would have to generate the transaction key and API login id. These two are different for test mode and live mode.

Sign in to Authorize.Net to get the key, open it in a new window because you need to come back on this screen. If you don’t have an account, then you can create a new account.

Once you sign in to Authorize.net, you would see the account type you are accessing Test or Live. Make sure that it is Live because we are configuring payment for live sites. If you want to test the payment, then you can make it Test.

Locate Keys in Authorize.Net

Once you signed in to your Live mode of Authorize.net, you can navigate to Setting.

Then click on the API Credentials and Keys

Here, you will get the API Login ID, copy it. You will have to put it on the WPForms Settings page.

To generate the Transaction key click on the Create New Key(s) and submit.

You will get another screen to verify your identity. Click on the Request Pin.

You will get a PIN on your email ID, copy it and put it on that screen, and verify. Once your identity is verified, you will get a transaction key.

Copy the transaction key and paste it in WPForms setting page.

Once you put both API Login ID and Transaction Key, save the setting. You will see the success screen.

Now, we have configured Authorize.net for your WordPress site. We will create a sample donation form and will enable the payment using Authorize.net.

Create Donation Forms

The WPForms offers different types of forms with highly customizable features. In addition, you will get an inbuilt form template for all users.

For this tutorial, we will use the online donation form to accept the donation.

To create the forms go to WPForms » Add new, you will get different types of templates. For example, you can choose the Donation form.

It will open the form customization screen. You can add the fields from the left side panel. If you want to edit any field, then click on the field, and you will get a customization option on the left side.

The form will look like this, here we have added the dropdown box for accepting the recurring donations.

Once you are done with all customizations, save your form.

Connect Authorize.net To Donation Form

We have already configured the Authorize.net above. Here we will enable it in the donation form.

In the form editor, navigate to Payments.

You will get three payment gateways Stripe, PayPal and Authorize.net.

Click on the Authorize.net and Enable it.

Payment Description- This will appear on the user’s credit card statement so that you can put it accordingly. This is applicable for one-time payments.

Authorize.net Payment Receipt- If you select the email field from your form, the user will receive the payment receipt on their email address. Though this field is an option, it is recommended to select the email field. This is applicable for one-time payments.

Customer Name– If you select the name field, this information will be sent to Authorize.net along with other information.

This is the configuration for a one-time payment. Once you are all done with your setting, save your form.

If you are looking for recurring payments, then you can follow the below process.

Configuring Recurring Subscription Payments

You can enable the recurring payments by clicking on Enable Recurring Subscription Payment checkbox from the subscription section. You will get a few options to set it up.

  • Plan Name- This will appear on the credit card statement.
  • Recurring Period– Select the period of how often you will receive the payment.
  • Customer Email- Choose the email field. This will be associated with the customer.
  • Customer Name- Choose name field. This is also associated with the customer.

Once you are done with all configurations, you can save your donation form and publish it wherever you want on your post or pages.

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