If you have an eCommerce site and looking for an online payment solution, then the WPForms WordPress plugin is the best for you.

WPForms allows us to connect with Stripe and accept the payment online. Recently, WPForms started accepting recurring payments with Stripe.

Stripe is the best online payment solution available in the market, and WPForms collaboration with Stripe makes it a more popular and convenient online payment solution for its users.

I have written a separate article about the configuration of Stripe in the WPForms plugin for the newcomers. However, you can read the below article before moving forward.

In this article, I will discuss the recurring payment functionality of Stripe in WPForms, and what new changes have been made to the functionality of WPForms.

User Interface of Form Entry

WPForms allows us to monitor all the forms of entries from the WordPress dashboard itself. So, for example, you can check all the form entries in WordPress » WPForms » Entries.

WPForms has updated its user interface to let users know about recurring payments and one-time payment entries. You can now see the recurring icon in front of the recurring payment entry (refer below screenshot). In this way, we can avoid the confusion between recurring and one-time payments.

If you click on the entry, you will get the detailed report of the payment. Also, few links can take you to the stripe account. WPForms allows us to connect with the Stripe website seamlessly.

In the detailed report, you can see the below link. By clicking, you will be redirected to the stripe account.

  • Transaction ID- information about the payment which was made.
  • Subscription ID- this is useful for recurring payments.
  • Customer ID- contains the information about the end-users(customers) who made the payment.

Form Entry Data

Recently, when someone submitted the payment using forms, WPForms only send the entry ID to the Stripe account. However, this information is not enough to know the payments, so WPForms made few changes.

Users can now see the forms where recurring payment is coming from, Form ID, Entry ID, and, most importantly, Entry ID URL.

You can directly jump from the stripe account to the WordPress dashboard using the Entry ID URL to check the payment entries.

In this way, the collaboration between WPForms and Stripe is seamless and very simple to use.

Payment Setting Changes

WPForms has made few changes in payment settings. When we had to configure the Stripe payment, we do like this – enable Stripe payments, determine a receipt setting, and enable conditional logic if you wanted to.

WPForms has made few changes to its payment setting. Now when you enable the recurring payments, you will see more settings.

Enter the plan name and recurring period (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly, Yearly).

Select the customer email address so that stripe will create a profile and enable the conditional logic.

When you want to let the users choose between one-time payment and recurring payment, we have to enable the conditional logic. This will enable the recurring payment when the users select the option in the forms.

To enable the Stripe addon, you should have at least one premium plan. For example, you can buy the WPForms premium.

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